Section I : Transport, Storage and Communications
Division 63 : Supporting and Auxilliary transport activities; Activities of travel agencies
Group Class Sub - Class Description
630     Supporting and auxiliary transport activities; activities of travel agencies
  6301   Cargo handling
    63011 Cargo handling, incidental to land transport
    63012 Cargo handling, incidental to water transport
    63013 Cargo handling, incidental to air transport
  6302   Storage and warehousing
    63021 Warehousing of agricultural products without refrigeration
    63022 Warehousing of agricultural products with refrigeration (i.e. cold storage)
    63023 Storage and warehousing n.e.c.[Includes general merchandise warehouses and warehousing of furniture, automobiles, gas and oil, chemicals, textiles etc. Also included is storage of goods in foreign trade zones
  6303   Other supporting transport activities
    63031 Supporting services to land transport such as operation of railway stations, bus stations, highway bridges, toll roads, vehicular tunnels; parking lots and left-luggage facilities at the railway stations, bus stations; and traffic control activities
    63032 Supporting services to water transport such as operation and maintenance of piers, docks, pilotage, and loading and unloading of vessels
    63033 Supporting services to air transport such as operation and maintenance of terminals, flying facilities, radio bacons, flying control centers and radar stations etc.
  6304 63040 Activities of travel agencies and tour operators; tourist assistance activities n.e.c.[Includes furnishing travel information; advice and planning; arranging tours, accommodation and transportation for travellers and tourists; and furnishing tickets etc. Also included are tourist assistance activities, such as carried on by tourist guides]
  6309 63090 Activities of other transport agencies [Includes forwarding of freight, organisation or arrangement of transport on behalf of the shipper or consignee, receiving and acceptance of freight, transportation document preparation, consolidation and break bulk of freight, freight brokerage, custom house brokerage, bill auditing and freight rate information, brokerage for ship and aircraft space, packing and crating and unpacking and de-crating, weighing and sampling of freight etc. This also includes the services provided by chauffeurs and personal car drivers.]
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