Section D : Manufacturing
Division 36 : Manufacture of Furniture; Manufacturing n.e.c.
Group Class Sub - Class Description
361 3610   Manufacture of furniture
    36101 Manufacture of furniture & fixtures made of wood, cane & reed
    36102 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures primarily of metal
    36103 Manufacture of furniture and fixtures, primarily of plastics
    36104 Manufacture of coir foam mattresses and pillows etc.
    36109 Manufacture of photo frame and other furniture & fixtures n.e.c
369     Manufacturing n.e.c.
  3691   Manufacture of jewellery and related articles
    36911 Manufacture of gold jewellery : gold, silver and other precious metal jewellery; precious and semi-precious stone jewellery; gold and silver articles including presentation coins but not the coin used as a legal tende
    36912 Diamond cutting and polishing and other gem cutting and polishing
    36913 Minting of currency coins
    36919 Manufacture of other jewelry and other articles, n.e.c
  3692 36920 Manufacture of musical instruments [this class includes manufacture of keyboard stringed instruments, including automatic pianos, and other stringed instruments, keyboard pipe organs and harmoniums and similar keyboard instruments with free metal reeds, accordions and similar instruments including mouth organs
  3693   Manufacture of sports goods
    36931 Manufacture of carrom boards and tables for billiards, table tennis and other parlour games
    36932 Manufacture of billiard sticks, hockey sticks, cricket bats, stumps and other cricket accessories
    36933 Manufacture of rackets for badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis etc
    36934 Manufacture of balls including those of billiards
    36935 Manufacture of athletic/gymnasium articles and equipment
    36939 Manufacture of sports and athletic goods n.e.c.
  3694   Manufacture of games and toys
    36941 Manufacture of children’s play equipment including toys and toy musical instruments
    36942 Manufacture of wooden toys, decoration pieces and wooden lamp stand etc. [including carved wood articles and articles made from coconut shells]
    36949 Manufacture of other games and toys n.e.c
  3699   Other manufacturing n.e.c.
    36991 Manufacture of stationery articles n.e.c.: pens and pencils of all kinds, including pencil leads and pen refills; date, sealing or numbering stamps; prepared typewriter ribbons and inked pads and other stationery articles n.e.c
    36992 Manufacture of umbrellas, sun umbrellas, walking sticks, seat sticks, whips, riding crops, buttons, press fasteners, snap fasteners, press studs and slide fasteners
    36993 Manufacture of articles of personal use: smoking pipes; combs, hair slides and similar articles; cigarette lighters; vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels for personal and household use; articles of human hair and other articles of personal use n.e.c.
    36994 Manufacture of linoleum and hard surface floor coverings
    36995 Making of candles, tapers and the similar products of wax
    36996 Manufacture of imitation jewellery
    36997 Manufacture of brooms and brushes; hand operated mechanical floor sweepers, mops and feather dusters; paint pads and rollers; squeezes and other brushes, brooms, mops etc.
    36998 Manufacture of miscellaneous decorative articles .n.e.c.: articles made from ivory, bones and horns; artificial flowers; garland from natural fresh flowers and other novelties and presentation articles n.e.c.
    36999 Manufacture of other miscellaneous products, n.e.c.: roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements; tailors’ dummies, banners, signboards and other articles n.e.c.
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