Section A : Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry
Division 02 : Forestry, Logging and Related Service Activities
Group Class Sub - Class Description
020 0200   Forestry, logging and related service activities
    02001 Growing of standing timber: planting, replanting, transplanting, thinning and conserving of forests and timber tracts. Operation of tree nurseries.
    02002 Logging: logging camps and loggers primarily engaged in felling timber and producing wood in the rough such as pitprops, split poles, pickets, hewn railway ties or fuel wood.
    02003 Gathering of tendu leaves
    02004 Gathering of other wild growing forest materials (balatta and other rubber-like gums; cork; lac, resins and balsams; vegetable hair and eel grass; acorns and horse-chestnuts; mosses etc.) including fuel/fire wood.
    02005 Forestry service activities: timber cruising, timber evaluation, fire fighting and forest management including afforestation and re-forestation
    02006 Logging service activities: transport of logs in association with logging chiefly within the forest.
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