Section D : Manufacturing
Division 22 : Publishing, Printing and Reproduction of recorded media
Group Class Sub - Class Description
221     Publishing [This group includes publishing whether or not connected with printing. Publishing involves financial, technical, artistic, legal and marketing activities, among others but not predominantly]
  2211 22110 Publishing of books, brochures, musical books and other publications
  2212   Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals [includes periodicals of technical or general contents, trade journals, comics etc.]
    22121 Publishing of newspapers
    22122 Publishing of periodicals and journals.
  2213 22130 Publishing of recorded media [includes publishing of records and other recorded audio media, publishing of sheet music etc]
  2219 22190 Other publishing [includes publishing of photos and postcards, greeting cards, time-tables, forms, posters or other printed matters.]
222     Printing and service activities related to printing
  2221   Printing [Includes printing of newspapers, magazines, periodicals, journals and other material for others on a fee or contract basis
    22212 Printing but not publishing of periodicals, books, journals, directories, atlases, maps and sheet music, schedules and pamphlets
    22213 Printing of bank notes, currency notes
    22219 Printing and allied activities like screen printing other then textile, n.e.c
  2222   Service activities related to printing
    22221 Engraving, etching and block making etc.
    22222 Book binding on account of others
    22229 Other service activities relating to printing n.e.c
223 2230 22300 Reproduction of recorded media [This class includes reproduction of records, audio, video and computer tapes from master copies, reproduction of floppy, hard or compact disks, reproduction of non-customised software and film duplicating]
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