Section D : Manufacturing
Division 20 : Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except Furniture; Manufacture of articles of straw and plating materials
Group Class Sub - Class Description
201 2010   Saw milling and planing of wood
    20101 Sawing and planing of wood (other than plywood)
    20102 Manufacture of unassembled wood flooring, including parquet flooring
    20103 Manufacture of railway sleepers
    20109 Activities relating to saw milling and planning of wood n.e.c.
202     Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials
  2021   Manufacture of veneer sheets; manufacture of plywood, laminboard, particle board and other panels and boards
    20211 Manufacture of plywood and veneer sheets
    20212 Manufacture of flush doors and other boards or panels
    20213 Manufacture of particle board, fiber board, incl. Densified wood
    20219 Manufacture of other plywood products n.e.c
  2022   Manufacture of builders’ carpentry and joinery
    20221 Manufacture of structural wooden goods (including treated timber) such as beams, posts, doors and windows (excluding hewing and rough shaping of poles, bolts and other wood material which is classified under logging)
    20222 Manufacture of prefabricated buildings predominantly of wood
    20229 Manufacture of builder’s carpentary and joinery n.e.c.
  2023   Manufacturing of wooden containers
    20231 Manufacture of wooden boxes, barrels etc. (except plywood)
    20232 Manufacture of plywood chests
    20233 Manufacture of market basketry, grain storage bins, ration baskets including baskets made-up from rachis (toddy tree) and similar product made from bamboo and reed etc.
    20239 Manufacture of other wooden containers and products made entirely or mainly of cane, rattan, bamboo, willow, fibres, leaves and grass n.e.c
  2029   Manufacture of other products of wood, manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials
    20291 Manufacture of wooden industrial goods
    20292 Manufacture of cork and cork products
    20293 Manufacture of bamboo and cane article and fixture of bamboo, cane, reed and grass products (thatching etc.)
    20294 Manufacture of broomsticks
    20295 Manufacture of wooden agricultural implements
    20296 Manufacture from cane and bamboo of shopping bags, ornament boxes, costume articles, trays, table lamps, fancy baskets, table mats, tumbler and vessel holders and other household utilities
    20297 Manufacture of articles made of palm leaf, dhak leaf, screw-pine leaf and khajoor leaf; articles of vegetables fibre etc,
    20298 Manufacture of products of pith and shalapith
    20299 Manufacture of other wood products n.e.c. (including wooden tools, handles, etc. ornaments and household products
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