Section D : Manufacturing
Division 17 : Manufacture of Textiles
Group Class Sub - Class Description
171     Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles
  1711   Preparation and spinning of textile fiber including weaving of textiles (excluding khadi/handloom)
    17111 Preparation and spinning of cotton fiber including blended* cotton (please note:ginning/pressing, baling activities are included in Class 0140)
    17112 Preparation and spinning of silk fiber including blended* silk
    17113 Preparation and spinning of wool, including other animal hair and blended* wool including other animal hair
    17114 Preparation and spinning of man-made fiber including blended* man-made fiber
    17115 Weaving, manufacture of cotton and cotton mixture fabrics.
    17116 Weaving, manufacture of silk and silk mixture fabrics
    17117 Weaving, manufacture of wool and wool mixture fabrics
    17118 Weaving, manufacturing of man-made fiber and man-made mixture fabrics.
    17119 Preparation, spinning and weaving of jute, mesta and other natural fibers including blended natural fibers n.e.c.
      *Blended yarn/fabrics means, yarn/fabrics containing more than 50% of one fiber
   1712   Finishing of textile excluding khadi/handloom (This class includes finishing of textiles of Class 1711 by operations such as bleaching, dyeing, calendering, napping, shrin king or printing. No distinction is to be made between these activities carried out on a fee or contract basis or by purchasing the material and selling the finished products).
    17121 Finishing of cotton and blended cotton textiles
    17122 Finishing of silk and blended silk textiles
    17123 Finishing of wool and blended wool textiles
    17124 Finishing of man-made and blended man-made textiles
    17125 Finishing of jute, mesta and other vegetable textiles fabrics.
    17126 Activity related to screen printing
    17129 Other activities relating to finishing of textile n.e.c
  1713   Preparation and spinning of textile fiber including weaving of textiles (khadi/handloom)
    17131 Cotton spinning through charkha
    17132 Weaving of cotton khadi
    17133 Weaving of cotton textiles on handlooms
    17134 Spinning of wool and silk through charkha
    17135 Weaving of woollen and silk khadi
    17136 Weaving of wool and silk on handlooms
    17137 Weaving of artificial/synthetic textile fabrics on handlooms
    17139 Preparation and spinning of textile fibre including weaving of textiles(khadi/handloom), n.e.c
  1714   Finishing of textiles (khadi/handloom)
    17141 Bleaching, dyeing and finishing of cotton cloth and yarn by hand
    17142 Printing of cloth by hand
    17143 Bleaching, dyeing and finishing of woollen textiles by hand
    17144 Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing of silk textiles by hand
    17145 Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing of artificial/synthetic textile fabrics by hand
    17149 Finishing of textiles (khadi/handloom), n.e.c.
172     Manufacture of other textiles
  1721   Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel
    17211 Manufacture of curtains, bed-covers and furnishings.
    17212 Manufacture of crocheted made up textile goods, except apparel
    17213 Manufacture of mosquito nets
    17214 Manufacture of bedding, quilts, pillows, cushions and sleeping bags (manufacture of coir foam mattresses and pillows is classified in class 3610)
    17215 Manufacture of tarpaulin
    17219 Manufacture of other made up textile goods except apparel n.e.c
  1722   Manufacture of carpet and rugs other than by hand [manufacture of linoleum and other hard surface floor coverings is classified in class 3699]
    17221 Manufacture of blankets shawls
    17222 Manufacture of cotton carpets
    17223 Manufacture of woollen carpets
    17224 Manufacture of silk carpets
    17225 Manufacture of durries, druggets and rugs
    17226 Manufacture of carpets, rugs and other covering of jute, mesta and coir
    17229 Manufacture of other floor coverings (including felt) of textile, sannhemp and other kindred fibres n.e.c.
    15315 Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
    17231 Manufacture of thread, including thread ball making
    17232 Manufacture of jute/hemp rope and cordage
    17233 Manufacture of coir rope and cordage
    17234 Manufacture of other rope and cordage other of jute/mesta and coir
    17235 Manufacture of nets(except mosquito net)
    17236 Manufacture of tapes, newar and wicks
    17239 Manufacture of other cordage, rope nets etc n.e.c.
  1724   Embroidery work, zari work and making of ornamental trimmings by hand
    17241 Embroidery work by hand
    17242 Zari work by hand
    17234 Making of laces and fringes by hand
    17249 Making of other ornamental trimmings by hand, n.e.c.
  1725   Manufacture of blankets, shawls, carpets, rugs and other similar textile products by hand
    17251 Manufacture of blankets and shawls by hand
    17252 Manufacture of cotton carpets by hand
    17253 Manufacture of woollen carpets by hand
    17254 Manufacture of silk carpets by hand
    17255 Manufacture of durries, druggets and rugs by hand
    17259 Manufacture of blankets, shawls, carpets, rugs and other similar textile products by hand, n.e.c
    1729 Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.
    17291 Embroidery work and making of laces and fringes other than by hand
    17292 Zari work and making of other ornamental trimmings other than by hand
    17293 Manufacture of linoleum and similar products
    17294 Manufacture of gas mantles
    17295 Manufacture of made-up canvas goods such as tents and sails etc
    17296 Manufacture of wadding of textile materials and articles of wadding such as sanitary towels and tampons
    17297 Manufacture of metallised yarn or gimped yarn; rubber thread or cord covered with textile material; Textile yarn or strip, impregnated, covered or sheathed with rubber or plastics
    17298 Manufacture of waterproof textile excluding Tarpaulin.
    17299 Manufacture of other textiles/textile products n.e.c.
173 1730   Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics and articles
    17301 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted cotton textile products
    17302 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted woolen textile products
    17303 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted synthetic textile product
    17309 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted textile products n.e.c
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